Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Wild .................................

I've been really busy the last couple of days. I was going to do a garden update , but my batteries are dead in my camera. So I was looking back through my picture files to see if there was something I would like to share and found this drawing I did the drawing earlier in the Spring. It features chickweed , dandelion , echinacea , plantain and white pine. These are a few of my herbal allies and the drawing is called " Wild Herbs ". I've been gathering plantain (Plantago major ) to infuse in oil , I'll be making plantain salve in a few weeks. Plantain is a wonderful herb with many healing properties , it's great for bug bites and bee stings. You can read more info about here .................................................................
Plantain is a safe herb to use , but make sure you have a positive i.d. of the plant before using.
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~ Happy Herbal Blessings ~


Peggy said...

Am overwhelmed with garden stuff needing to be canned that I haven't done any wild herb gathering or picked any herbs from the herb garden. I need to get busy so I will have them for winter. This will be my first year making salves, etc. I learn alot from you. Thank you

JoyceAnn said...

Hi Peggy ~ My garden is just starting to produce , cucumbers , peppers and squash. Yeterday I pickled a quart of hot peppers and made herbal vinegar. Today I'll be pickling banana peppers , making more herbed vinegar and baking zuchinni bread hopefully. There is alot to do this time of the year , but I enjoy most of it.

~ Many Blessings ~

AkasaWolfSong said...

Good Morning JoyceAnn!

I love your Wild Herbals Book and Art! :) Such a great idea!
I just went to the site you posted...I've been there before but enjoyed going back. Now you've drawn me in to perhaps making some plantain tea and salve. Once this awful heat leaves our area I will gather some as it grows abundantly in my yard. Thanks for the info! I hope you are staying cool and enjoying your summer days.
Many blessings Dear Lady!

Lib said...

I remember picking messes of wild green with my Grandmother ,wonderful memories:o)
I enjoy my visits with you so much!:o)
Wild Blessins:o),

Millie said...

Oh, I would love to know more about these herbs. I love them, but there's way more I don't know than I do.

Callie said...

Making salves sounds like a great idea. I've been saving little jars waiting for a great recipe to come along. Wonderful idea to take time for your art. The herb lady is a sweetie.

Flassie's Fil'a said...

She's Sweet as a Honey your
Wild Herbs Lady!!

Psyllium seed from the plantain
plant someone told me was a good
laxative. It has lots of good

I haven't seen the wide leaf
kind around here only the
slim leaf. I keep thinking
about painting a piece and
calling it Tutu's and Funny
Hats because the blossom
of that plant reminds me of
tutus and funny hats. lol!

Thanks for the link. Lots of
good information.