Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Yesterday .........................................

around the farmette , the day started by feeding the chickens a few salad tomatoes that were getting soft. They really loved their breakfast appetizer.

Ms. June headed for the nesting box after her appetizer.

These girls decided to eat breakfast.

I took a stroll through the garden and gathered this small harvest. Some of my zucchini squash are yellow , planted them near the yellow squash and they are being cross-pollinated. But they're still good and you can't tell the difference once they're added to the bread or brownies I've been making.

I started on the jelly making once I was back in the house , made 8 pints of grape jelly and 2 more pints of pickled okra. Since I had a little of the vinegar mix leftover from last week and some extra okra , thought I would go ahead and pickle it. As I was working in the kitchen , it started to rain. It was a slow gentle rain to begin with , but later in the afternoon we had a storm and heavy rain. I think we got about 2 inches or more and it cooled things off , it felt wonderful outside when I went out to feed later .

After lunch , I made Teresa's zucchini brownie recipe. They're delicious , the grands will love these , sure I'll be making lots of these brownies this year.

When I went out to feed yesterday afternoon , Ms. Crew was down again. May have to let her go before the season's out (LOL).

Everything in the garden looked so much better with some water beading up on it.
I tried to get a good pic of the water on the tomatoes , but this was the best shot I got.
I found a tomato that was starting to ripen , although it's very small , it made me smile. Hopefully we'll have more tomatoes growing and ripening now that we've got rain.

As the day came to an end , the wet chickens came in to roost and I'm sure they were thankful for the cooler weather. It was a " Blessed " day and I'm so " Thankful " for the rain.
Hope your day was " Blessed " too !
~ Many Blessings ~


Flassie's Fil'a said...

Boy that must of been some
appetizer for Ms. June! Did
she lay any eggs?

Oh, Poor Ms. Crew, to much
bubbly in those soap flakes,
I suspect. Must have made her,
a bit tipsy, and toppled her

Glad you finally got the rain
you wanted.

Brownies and Jelly look so good!!

God Bless You and Yours!!!

AkasaWolfSong said...

I am so happy my prayers for rain for you were answered! Yaaaaay!!!
Isn't it wonderful what a good soaking will do for the garden? God's tears falling...

Your array of bounty looks so good. I picked a ripe tomato again yesterday...they are finally starting to come on one at a time, lol. As well my cukes are rejuvenated with the rain we got. I see many babies in the making. I'll make some good refrigerator pickles with them. I love cukes with onions and a sour cream base too...little salt, pepper, sugar, a dab or two of mayo and whip it up and let them marinate for a while and yummy!
I want to write down your brownie recipe so I can make it when I can get my hands on a zuke!
Poor Ms. Crew has been nipping I'm afraid..can't you keep that woman in line? Ha Ha Ha
Well, happy to see you were gifted with raindrops and bounty from the take care and many blessings JoyceAnn!

Piecefulafternoon said...

What a lovely day.

Kiki said...

Super-Lovely post! That was fun..great little adventure to read..awesome photos too! Wonderful!That jam looks fabulous!

edenhills said...

I told you I'd send you some of our rain! We've had sunshine for a few days now. Hope this makes your garden smile. (Glad you like the brownies)


Lib said...

Love your pix. :o) We had 2 storms today cooled off ,then hot again!
I put strawberries in the freezer today also Okra. Love fried okra. Do you like fried green toms. Im going to freeze some I slice and freeze on a baking sheet and then into freezer bags , then use as many or little as I want.
HAppy Gardening!

Callie said...

The garden must have looked and smelled so good after the refreshing rain. mmm... brownies and jam. Lucky chickens to get tomatoes for breakfast.

JoyceAnn said...

Hi Flassie ~ Ms. June did lay an egg , but I only got 2 eggs that day.
Yep , me thinks Ms. Crew had to much bubbly too (LOL).

Hi WolfSong ~ Thanks for the prayer , it was answered and I'm so grateful.
Your cucumber recipe sounds yummy , I may try it soon.

Hi JoAnn ~ Hope your day was lovely too.

Hi Kiki ~ Thanks for your sweet comment ! I'll be by today to visit you.

Hi Teresa ~ Thanks for sending the rain , it was a " Blessing ". We enjoyed the brownies , so happy to have another wonderful zucchini recipe.

Hi Lib ~ Sounds like you've been busy too. I've never been crazy about fried green tomatoes , although I'll eat them if they're on the menu. I guess I need to try them again , it's been awhile , my taste may have changed. I've never heard of anyone freezing them , but that's a great idea.

Hi Callie ~ Yes , the garden looked wonderful after that much needed rain. The chickens love tomatoes as much as I do (lol).

~ Many Blessings to You All ~

Michelle | Bleeding Espresso said...

Looking great! Those tomatoes will be ripe before you know it :)