Tuesday, July 20, 2010

~ In the Kitchen ~

Yesterday I spent most of my time in the kitchen , made 2 loaves of Pineapple-Zucchini bread. This was my first time making zucchini bread and I was really pleased with the taste. I'm planning to make a couple more loaves today. We've been eating the loaf pictured above , the other loaf is in the freezer for later.

One day last week , I made another batch of red clover syrup. I tried another method , instead of adding 4 cups of sugar , I added 2 cups of honey and 2 cups of sugar. But once again I didn't let it boil long enough , was afraid I would cook it to long and this time it was like water when I put it in the jars. I thought it might thicken up with time , but it didn't.

So yesterday I put it back in the pot , added another cup of sugar , brought it to a boil , turned the heat down and let it cook on med heat uncovered . I kept checking it and taking a little bit and putting it in a small glass bowl to see if it would thicken up after cooling. After a few checks , I finally got it to a perfect consistency , Yay !
I was going to water down the 2 jars that were to thick , but I put them in a pot to melt the crystals a little and I forgot to put a cloth in the bottom so the jars wouldn't be touching the bottom and one of them busted. The other jar had a scorched scent , so I just threw it out. I did end up with 2 pints of red clover syrup and it taste delicious. I also did a post about making Red Clover syrup over at my " Herbal Spirits " blog yesterday. So if you interested , here's the link ~ http://herbalspirits.blogspot.com/2010/07/red-clover-syrup.html ~.

I had a couple of readers that wanted to know how I make my homemade vanilla flavoring , check-out the link below to see how I made it.




~ Many Blessings ~


Lib said...

Everything looks yummy!:o)
I freeze zuc. for making bread I grate it put it in zip locks.think 1 c. is what my recipe calls for as I make bread I pull a bag out .Quick and easy:o)
Have a great wk.

Anonymous said...

I started making my own vanilla flavoring a couple of years ago after finding out what goes into the artificial flavoring. Glad you at least got some syrup; I'll have to check out your recipe.

Callie said...

Beautiful bread and syrup! I want some bread. Syrup too, please.

Flassie's Fil'a said...

The bread looks yummy!

Glad some of your surup
turned out. Sorry that
some of it had to be
thrown out.

I made oatmeal cookies
yesterday. They taste
better today.

Some of them I added lemon
zest and some without.

I like Lib's idea.

Thanks for stopping by.

I made some more pizza dough.
I had to edit the amount of
yeast. It was a 1/2 tsp, not
a 1/4 that I used.

Thanks for all the prayers!!

God Bless You and Yours!!!

Anishinaabekwe said...

Yummy and fun to make I am sure!