Friday, August 06, 2010

Do Goats ..................................................

really eat anything ?
Nope , we like the cool , fresh water that Naaaana brings us in the morning and the hay is o.k. , but we really love the sweet feed , it's yummy !

We don't like green stuff , so our lot looks like a jungle. I think Naaana's planning to enlarge and make some changes to our lot soon.

I thought Naaana's camera strap might be pretty tasty (LOL). She couldn't believe she captured this photo while I was trying to eat that strap.

We love to chew on Naaana's clothes !!

Good-Bye Naaana .............................

Now , if only I could chew this pin up , we could get to the garden and try some of those plants (LOL).
~ Nanny Blessings ~
Jazz & Jo


Flassie's Fil'a said...

Stopping in to make a reply
to my blog entry.

Lol! I wonder if the saying
got changed somewhere along
the lines. I wonder which one
came first?

Like the Chicken or the Egg. lol!

The stew does sound yummy does't
it. Better then thin flour soup,
that was made for supper that, I
read in a book about the journey
to California by covered wagon when
provisions were getting low.

That book was a children's book,
titled, Rachel's Journal by
Marissa Moss.

Thanks for stopping by!!

Lol! Didn't know goats didn't
like greens. So funny that they
try and nibble on material.

I had a bubble bee that kept
landing on my pant leg and I
wondered if I had pollen on it
or something.

Have a Blessed Weekend!!

God Bless You and Yours!!!

Lib said...

Love the photos.
I enjoyed catching up here, didnt realize it had been so long since Id been online!!! Cartaking and putting up food has consumed my time lately. Cant complain very Thankful for the food! So many hurting folks in the world and I know how Blessed I am!!!

Anonymous said...

My goats like the corn and oats from the sweet feed, but not the alfalfa pellets. They have enough pasture they are only interested in the good stuff. The geese end up eating most of the goat feed. That is such a cute picture of the one eating your camera strap! Mine like to try that too.


AkasaWolfSong said...

These guys are so photogenic aren't they? I love looking at their eyes...

Let's hope they never find the garden! :)

Blessings for a Beautiful Weekend!