Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Morning Routine ..............................................

I would like to thank Lib and Sissy for identifying the flower. It's called " Rose of Sharon " or " Althea " ( Hibiscus syriacus ) , a member of the hibiscus family. We had these in the yard as I was growing up , but I never knew what they were called. I have a patch of them growing near the garden , there's also one growing in the dog lot which adds alot of beauty to an otherwise barren space. Thanks again ladies for helping me identify that beautiful blossom.

Each morning after a cup of coffee , I head out to feed the critters. I let the chickens out of the coop and feed them.

Give them fresh H2O ................................

Then I give the goats their breakfast , I've got to get them a larger pan , they're out growing this one.

As I start out to get fresh water for the goats , the guinea are usually hanging out near the goat pen to see what's going on or checking to see if I dropped any sweet feed on my way in. I don't feed them in the mornings , they get fed in the afternoon , so they'll eat bugs during the day.

The goats are always ready for their fresh H2O when I get back.

Then I head to the garden to check on the veggies and see what needs harvesting. Last week I was checking the squash and almost stepped on one of these .........................................

But I didn't have on boots , it's a Red Stripe Ribbon Snake , my foot was right beside it , about 1/2 inch from it and I had garden crocks on (yikes). I didn't move , just slowly lifted the squash leaf and it took off in the grass. I got the pic from Wikipedia , that's not me holding the snake. I'm so thankful these type snakes aren't aggressive or poisonous .................

but I'll be wearing my boots to the garden and paying more attention from now on. The boots look great with shorts (LOL).

I gathered a few squash , tomatoes and peppers this morning.

Then I headed back to the house , checked this small garden bed for tomatoes. I put up this makeshift fence a few weeks ago to keep the chickens out. I feed and water the dogs , then I feed the cats. Now it's time for my breakfast and more coffeeeee.
What's your morning routine ?
~ Many Blessings ~


Flassie's Fil'a said...

Very Vogue I'd say!!

My Daily Routine:

Whatever Will I Do Today?
Whatever I Decide To Do,
In No Particular Order.

Sometime during the day
and I try to do it in the
morning, is read a Daily
Devotional and the Bible.

I have a cuppa something,
nor other. lol! Whatever
I decide to drink & water.
and breakfast.

I try to forge for something.

I go for a walk sometime
during the day.

I work on something that
needs attending too.

Water plants when I've got
enough recycled water.


God Bless You and Yours!!!

Piecefulafternoon said...

I don't have nearly the lovely routine that you do - since I have no chickens and a vegetable garden won't grow in our shady yard. But I do get to listen to the birds each morning and watch the squirrels and deer that go through quite frequently.

Anonymous said...

I love your boots! They are so fun. That sounds like quite the busy morning routine.


judie said...

I love your little farmette and I really like visiting all your animals. Thanks for the nice morning.

JoyceAnn said...

Hi Flassie ~ Yep , a very vogue look indeed (LOL).
I also start my day with Prayer and Giving Thanks. Your day sounds like fun.

Hi JoAnn ~ Your start of the day sounds perfect to me , sometimes I like to have my coffee outside on the porch , listening to the birds sing before starting my daily routine. But , it's been to hot and muggy lately.

Hi Teresa ~ Thanks! Your day probably starts the same as mine I bet.

Hi Judie ~ Happy to hear from you , glad you like visiting with the animals on the farmette.

~ Blessings To You All ~

CarmelSantos said...

I like your Hibiscus syriacus, when I first seen it, I thought it was really a Rose. It captures the essence, the allure, and the mystique of love. I love the chicken as well, it's good to see you're having your mini poultry with a garden.