Thursday, August 14, 2008

~ Anniversary , Birthday and It's A Boy ~

Yesterday was our anniversary , we've been married 30 years. I thank the Lord everyday , for sending me a wonderful Soulmate to share my life with. We didn't do anything special , hope we can have a weekend getaway after garden season.

IT'S A BOY ........... I went with my oldest daughter for her ultrasound yesterday and it's definitely a boy. Little Missy will be out numbered by all the boys , but I have a feeling she'll be able to handle them. She's aggressive and a little tomboy already , at 8 months. Her due date was changed from Jan 7th to Dec 29th , which means we will probably have a Christmas baby.

Today I celebrate my birthday , another year of life. A wonderful friend painted the lovely birthday card that is pictured above. She's a great artist , with a love for birds. Inside the card are some spirit feathers , they're beautiful Judie. Thank-you for the card and feathers , I love them. I plan to use the feathers in some art soon , can't wait to get started.
Hope everyone 's week has been Great. We were blessed with rain yesterday , so hopefully the green beans will keep bearing. The deer have been eating my tomatoes , need to do something about that. I think next year we will put an electric fence around the garden.

~ May You Be Blessed Today and Everyday ~

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earth heart said...

congratulations on your anniversary, happy birthday and congrats on the grandson to be!
Sure hope you can have that getaway! Lovely card btw.