Wednesday, August 06, 2008

~ Back to Basics Challenge ~

I started this challenge about the same time as the 100 Ft. Diet Challenge. This challenge was created by Path To Freedom ( , to can and preserve as much homegrown or local food as you can , to feed your family. I try to do this with the garden anyway , but this year I decided it would probably become a necessity with the economy slowing and food prices soaring.

On Monday , my Mom and I canned 14 qts of vegetable soup. Yesterday I pickled 1 qt and 2 pts of Cayenne hot peppers , the next harvest of peppers will be dried to make crushed red pepper , hot sauce and organic pest control for next year. I do want to pickle some jalapenos , we love those jalapeno rings on just about everything. My jalapenos aren't producing well , I'm hoping they will do better as it starts to get cooler. I harvested a few pepperoncini peppers , since there was only a handful , I pickled them in the refrigerator. I just put them in a small jar and poured vinegar over them , they'll stay in the frig and develop their flavor.

Today I have green beans to can , a few jalapenos to stuff and some bell peppers to deseed , blanch and freeze. So I'm heading to the kitchen , to get ~ Back to the Basics ~. Hope you have a great day and your garden gives you a blessed bountiful harvest.

~ Green Blessing ~



Naturegirl said...

Joyceanne I envy you for having the confidence to jar your own food! I make freezer jams and freeze berries that's about it! I visit a local farm that preserves all their harvest and try to buy up a years worth. I'm just about ready to leave on a Europeon tour! hugs NG

Anonymous said...

Ohhh I haven't had canned foods in so long. Not that kind anyway. I remember when I was younger though. My mother did that type of thing alot. I just loved it! Jam's, fruit, pickles, anything you can think of. :) Anyway, it's a great idea.

Lib said...

Your canned foods looks pretty!
You know this type life style has always been a way of life for us. It amazing me how surprised other are when they see canning etc. but I suppose its what your used to.
Hope you have a great day!

Vickie LeBlanc said...

You and your family are sooooo going to enjoy all that yumminess next Winter.

Eve said...

You have been very busy. I have canned before, but this year I froze most things. I froze yellow squash and Zuch, green beans, tomatoes and dried some peppers. It's not much but with only the two of us, I just have a small freezer. I am going to try to dry some things next year. I love dried sweet potatoes.