Wednesday, August 20, 2008

~ Gardening Woes ~

Last week while I was feeling under the weather , I didn't venture out to the garden much. The deer eat all my tomatoes , so unless we get some serious rain , my garden is through except for the peppers. No more salsa , spaghetti sauce or that wonderful tomato sauce with basil , I was planning to make.

I may check with one of our local farms and see if they have any tomatoes for sale. I love tomatoes and can't imagine going through the winter without some canned whole tomatoes , sauces and salsa. I've only preserved 2 quarts and 1 pint of salsa and 3 quarts and 1 pint of tomatoes.
I'm so disappointed , next year I hope to have a fence around the garden. It's really aggravating , putting so much time and effort into the garden and have your harvest eaten by wildlife.
Glad they don't like garlic , I've got my hard neck garlic cleaned up and ready to be stored. I'll be doing the soft necks this week , hope to try braiding some of them.

~ Garden Blessings ~


Lib said...

HI Joyce ann,
I am so sorry to hear the deer at your toms. Heartbreaking!Hope you can find some to buy!
THe boys won today so still in play offs.:o)THey are excitied. Each game gets harder to win.

Vickie LeBlanc said...

Hello Joyce Ann - wildlife is such a pretty site but not when they're eating the results of your hard (enjoyable) work. Hope you can find tomatoes at your local farmers market... it could be a l-o-n-g winter.

Gina said...

For me, it's the deer and chickens. The deer ate all my cool weather crops like the cabbage and broccoli. i love them dearly (ha), but I am going to have to fence them off next year too.