Monday, August 18, 2008

~ Doing Not Thinking Challenge ~

I didn't get much accomplished last week . I have not been feeling good , a cold , allergies or maybe a virus. I did manage to clean-up the toy area of Grands bedroom and sorted/organized the toys in the living room. It's a start , hope to get more done this week. I took before and after pics , but I accidentally deleted the before pics , it looks much better.

I want to clean my bedroom this week and get rid of clothes that just seem to clutter up , but I never wear them. I plan to bag them up and donate to our local PTA Thrift Store , the profits made at the thrift store benefit our local school.

I can't wait to get my life uncluttered , this challenge may change my life.

~ Blessings ~



Lib said...

Hi Joyceann,
Hope you feel better!
Looks like we're thinking alike .lol Decluttering!
Have a great wk.

Katie said...

Sending some healing vibes your way, I hope you feel back to normal soon. Congrats on the progress you did make and good luck on those clothes. Clothing is a toughie, it seems, its so easy to hold onto "just in case".

Peggy said...

when you get your life uncluttered will you come do mine?

Anonymous said...

I hope you are feeling better soon! Happy belated birthday. =)
Decluttering is always a challenge. It flies in the face of my packrat tendencies. Keep going, one item at a time. =)
Good job with your progress already!