Saturday, August 09, 2008

~ Herbs & Tomatoes ~

( Click on photo to enlarge )

I've finally got tomatoes and I'm not sure what I want to do with the first batch. There's so many things to make with them , salsa , spaghetti sauce , tomato juice , tomato sauce or just plain canned tomatoes. I think I will make salsa , we're about to finish up the salsa from last year.
I harvested some herbs this morning , the first basket has basil , rosemary and thyme in it. The second basket holds tri-colored sage and pine-apple sage. I'm making stuffed bell peppers for supper tonight and plan to use some sage , basil and oregano in them. I will be using some of them in the salsa , oregano and cilantro. The herbs have done well , can't wait to try some new ones next spring.
Yesterday evening I was using some rainwater in a barrel behind the pool to water my herbs and flowers and I spotted this beautiful spider. One day I hope to have a better camera , but for now if you click on the photo , it will enlarge and you can get a better view. Oh , I found my camera last Saturday night , it was in the stroller were I had left it after a walk with Little Froggy .
Hope You have a Great Weekend.
~ Blessings ~


Vickie LeBlanc said...

Hmmmmmmmmm, basil and tomatoes - what a perfect pair. I am still waiting for my tomatoes to ripen (season is later here). Have a ton of green ones. I too want to make salsa.

Lib said...

I'm canning tomatoes this wk. too.
So happy you found your camera.:o)
Have a great wk.