Tuesday, October 07, 2008

~ It's only Natural Odor ~

I don't know why , but I was inspired by that skunk to create a drawing. We haven't seen it anymore , so hopefully it was just hunting food. Jazzy , the rabbit has been turning her food bowl over and the rabbit pellets fall to the ground. I think maybe that skunk has found a food source , since it went to the rabbit cage twice. I put a rock in the wire basket that holds her pellet bowl , she hasn't turned it over yet. Hoping I solved the problem. I'm still a little paranoid , so I'm keeping a eye over my shoulder.
The skunk we saw didn't have a stripe down the back , it had a white spot below the head. I did some research about skunks and found out it was a Southern Spotted Skunk.
~ Hope your day is Blessed ~


Peggy said...

I ended up getting automatic feeders for our dogs. They seemed to like flipping their dog bowls just for fun. Wasted alot of food but they sure had fun. LOL

Lib said...

Hi Joyceann,
I like your drawing.
You taught me something today. I thought a skunk was a skunk lol Didn't realize there was different types.
Hope you have a great day!