Wednesday, October 01, 2008

~ Gathering Grapes ~

~ Beautiful Trellised Vines ~

~ the vines were loaded ~

Guess Who ?

My Niece

~ adding a few more ~

Wow ~ what a Blessing , my Mom's neighbor let us have all the grapes we wanted this year. My niece and I enjoyed picking grapes in the drizzling rain yesterday , a nice cool day for harvesting.

~ Autumn Harvest Blessings ~


Lib said...

Hi Joyce ann,
What a Blessing sharing the harvest:o) I find most gardeners are kind ,sharing people:o)
Hope you have a great day!

lila said...

A wonderful post for October! the old English name for this month, "Winmonath", referred to the grape harvest and wine making!

Vickie LeBlanc said...

Very nice pictures. You have more grapes then we got with our first year harvest :-)