Wednesday, October 29, 2008

~ This Week ......... ~

I had to go grocery shopping Monday , needed cat food , milk and a few other items.. I decided while I was in town I would go ahead and vote early. Glad it's done and I won't have to go out next week and stand in line to vote.

I did some decluttering in my art room , the closet is clean. Now I hope to get hubby to build in some shelving , so I can store my canned goodies and other items I'm stocking up on in there.

Annette ask about the recipe for the pineapple sage jelly , I found the recipe I used at this link , it also has the marinated chicken recipe I plan to try this week. I'll be making a few more jars of the pineapple sage jelly too.

**** Hope your Day is Blessed ****


Lib said...

Your food closet is looking good:o)
We voted early too ,glad to get it behind us and not have to stand in long lines.
Hope you have a great day!

Anonymous said...

closet looks great! I need to follow your example and do some organizing and decluttering.

Thank you for the recipe link. =)