Sunday, October 26, 2008

~ Busy as a Bee ~

Hope everyone is doing well , I haven't had much computer time lately , been busy finishing up the fall harvest. I made more pear preserves and pineapple sage jelly last week. We also picked more grapes . I've made wine with some of the grapes , I'm not a Wino (LOL) but I do like a glass with my evening meal occasionally. I bottled my first batch last week , it tastes pretty good. I'll be teaching my youngest daughter how to make grape jelly this week , her boyfriend loves my grape jelly , so she has decided she needs to learn how to make it.

I've moved my herbs and tropical plants to the basement for the winter. I found a recipe for pineapple sage marinated chicken , that I'm planning to try. We've been cleaning up the garden and picked about a 1/2 bushel of peppers from the garden , I've been pickling those. In the next week or so I will be planting garlic for next summer's harvest , hope to double or triple the amount from last year. Anyone tried Garlic jelly ? I'm thinking about trying to make some , just wonder how it taste.

~ Green Blessings ~


Anonymous said...

Pineapple Sage?? Mmmm, sounds yummy! Are you up to posting the recipe?
For your herbs in the basement, I take it you provide lighting?

Lib said...

Hi Joyceann,
You are abusy bee!
Pineapple sage sounds yummy!
Hope you have agreat day!

Hi! I'm Grace said...

oh, i always love honey... but i hate bee... :)

Peggy said...

wow you have some great recipes you should share!! Sounds like you are ready for winter with all you have been up to.