Monday, February 08, 2010

Thankful for a Beautiful Day & Blogging Friends

The snow has finally melted with all the rain we had Friday , Saturday was breezy , so things dried out a tad. Yesterday we had a beautiful day and I just had to get outside for awhile. Geronimo and Chief Little Roo are starting to venture out with the hens now , the guinea fowl were enjoying the sun too. As I was walking around I saw some chickweed that had survived the snow and bitter cold , I decided to gather some , so I headed back to the house for gathering baskets. Unfortunately the hens had found most of the chickweed and cleaned it out , so I headed to the north side of the garden and found a patch they hadn't found. I gathered the chickweed in my basket , then I gathered some pine needles for tea and 3 eggs from the hen house. When I came back in the house I did a google search for chickweed recipes , a recipe came up that was on and it caught my eye because Leslie over at Comfrey Cottages ( had mentioned that website to me on her blog. The recipe was simple enough , so I made it for lunch and it was yummo! I've posted the recipe on my " Herbal Spirits " blog , if you're interested , you can find the link on the sidebar.

I was reading some other blogs yesterday and found 2 other recipes I had to try. Jeanne over at ( ) had a cornbread recipe posted that I made to go with my pinto bean soup last night , it was very tasty. We also had fried apple pies for dessert , thanks to Patrice who had a link on her blog for " Fried Peach Pies " click here to check-out the link ....................................................( ) , I didn't have any peaches , so I used my homemade apple cinnamon applesauce to make some fried pies and they were delish. They didn't look as pretty as the ones pictured on that website , but it's the taste that counts and hubby gave them a thumbs up , so that's good enough for me. I very seldom fry foods , so they were a real treat. Thank-you Jeanne , Leslie and Patrice for the links and recipes you shared. That's why I love blogging , every one's so giving , always sharing and there's so much to learn from each other.

So , What's cooking in your kitchen ?

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend !

~ Be Blessed ~


Lib said...

Looks lie we're thinking alike today.FOOD!lol
Thanks for the websites.
You food looks so good.I make my cornbread in an iron skillet also.Cast iron is all I use .
Have agreat day!

Flassie's Fil'a said...

Thanks for the links to the
recipes!! All look so yummy.

Enjoyed that Southern Gal's

I made a fried potato salad
one day. So I looked up to
see if there was such a thing.
Yes there is. The only difference
is I skip boiling the potatoes like
the recipes I found online do. I just fry the cubed potatoes with onions and add the other fixins and dressing of choice after the frying is done.

God Bless You and Yours!!!

Callie said...

I didn't know what chickweed was, so I looked it up in Britannica which said it was useful as a food for canaries. LOL

I think you need to write them a letter.

Vickie LeBlanc said...

I wish our snow could melt a little. I am so trying those fried pies. Probably on the weekend. I can taste it just by looking at the pictures..... mmmmmmm, with a cup of hot tea.

Jeanne said...

So glad you liked the recipe for cornbread. Yours turned out so golden brown. :0)

And everything else looks so delicious!! I must go check out the other recipes!

Juli said...

Everything looks so good ! I've made wild stew today (wild because it's made with leftovers) but I've just put beans and cornbread on the menu for tomorrow :)

Your guineas look so lovely, it almost makes me want some but we never had much luck keeping them at home when I was a kid.