Tuesday, February 23, 2010

~ ~ ~ ~A Whole Lot of Crowing Going On ~ ~ ~ ~

Yesterday morning I found Ms. Arlene ( formally known as Jolene , Curious J kept calling her Arlene , so that name kinda stuck ) in the nesting box , she laid her first egg since molting.

Chief Little Roo has try to claim the new flock as his girls , he just kept standing there admiring them :0)

Afterwards , he had something to crow about (LOL).

( It was the first time I've saw him crowing )

Of course , then we had a crowing contest going on :0)

I was late going to shut the hens up last night , my Mom called as I was getting ready to go out to the chicken coop. After talking with her and my sister for awhile , I headed out to shut the coop for the night. I went to get the little hen from the holding pen outside and she was gone. I looked a long time for her , so long that Dh came out to see what was wrong. He thought I might have run into that bear (LOL) , I told him about the missing hen. There were no signs of a struggle , no feathers on the ground , no animal prints and the makeshift pen was intact , but the little hen was nowhere to be found. I checked inside the coop and everyone seemed fine , no ruckus or signs of anything happening. So we finally gave up the hunt , hopping she would be there this morning. I introduced the new flock to the roost Sunday night. I couldn't wait a week , they kept trying to fly up in the pen to get to the roosting area , so I decided I would let them out and see what happened. The older hens weren't exactly thrilled about them , but after a little pecking , the new girls ended up on top of the nesting boxes roosting with the roosters. Hopefully in time they'll all become one flock. Anyway , I went out as soon as it was light enough to see this morning and there was the little hen hanging out with the guinea. I was happy that she survived her night out , but now she's sequestered to the little pen in the coop until she gets a little older. I guess she flew out of the holding pen and the other hens wouldn't let her back in the coop , so she must have found a safe roosting place outside last night , she may have roosted in the trees with the guinea (LOL). Thankfully it all ended well.

Collected 5 eggs yesterday.

~ Homestead Blessings ~



Flassie's Fil'a said...

So glad everything turned out ok and the little hen is safe.

So funny about Chief Little Roo!!
The contest between the roosters

It has been harder and harder to find glass jugs. I buy organic apple juice in glass jugs when it is on sale. Never seen ones with the fancy leaves on them like the one on that site.

I passed up a glass cutter at a thrift shop and I am going to keep a look out for another one.

I usually try to come and anwser here instead of my blog. Sometimes I do but sometimes I just do not know if the person comes back to see a reply. And if they are anything like me, I forget sometimes who's blog I asked a question on and than I forget to go back for the reply.

God Bless You and Yours!!!

Peggy said...

Loved reading about little hen and the rooster! Life on a farm is never boring. Have a blessed day