Saturday, February 20, 2010

~ New Hens ~

~ The 5 new Hens ~

~ These are the 2 Ameraucanas ~

Yesterday , Dh and I made the drive to pick-up 5 new hens. I've been wanting some Ameraucana chickens , they lay blue/green eggs. They're known as the " Easter Egg Layer " chickens. I found 5 chickens on craigslist and two of those were Ameraucana, so I contacted the lady about them and made arrangements to pick them up yesterday. The hens are 18 weeks old and should be laying soon , can't wait to be blessed with blue/green eggs :0). This flock also included a production black hen that's suppose to lay a white egg . I put the small pen in the coop so I could keep them separated from the other hens . I was hopping they would accept the small Partridge rock hen into their flock , but that didn't happen either , they kept pecking at her , so I had to remove her from that pen and make a separate pen for her. All of them will be in their pens for about a week , then I plan to put them on the roost with the other hens one night after everyone has settled down for the night. Hopefully , they'll become one flock soon.

~Warmest Blessings ~


Callie said...

Pretty hens and that is a nice little pen! You will like the colored eggs.

Callie said...

PS: Go ahead... be brave... everyone has a messy spot. Posting the photo of the messy table really did light a fire under me. I got it cleared off!

JoyceAnn said...

Hi Callie ~ My dining room table is clean at the moment , I decluttered it about 2 weeks ago. Just wish I could keep it that way (LOL).

~ Bright Blessings ~

Tipper said...

Good news-that you got new hens. I so want chickens-I'm working on it-but it hasn't happened yet : )

Flassie's Fil'a said...

Poor little hen. Hope she will
soon be excepted into the flock
as well as the others!!

The blue green eggs will be fun!

God Bless You and Yours!!!