Thursday, September 11, 2008

~ 100 Foot Diet Challenge ~

Yesterday was a cool , damp , rainy day. Great day to make Roasted Chicken with Herbs and Veggies , something warm and yummy.

Chicken ~ Local Owned Grocery Store / All Natural
( Looking for Local Grown )

Carrots ~ LOGS
( Hope to grow some soon )

Onions ~ LOGS
( Hope to grow a Fall crop , we've eaten all the Spring crop )

Potatoes * Homegrown

Garlic * Homegrown
( Will plant more garlic next month , really enjoying have fresh garlic ~ tastes so much better than store bought )

Fresh Rosemary * Homegrown
( Hope to keep it growing in the basement this Winter )

Fresh Thyme * Homegrown
( It's great having fresh herbs for cooking )

Olive Oil ~ LOGS

This could be a total Homegrown meal if we raised chickens or at least find a local source.

~ Homegrown Blessings ~


Lib said...

Hi Joyceann,
Looks and sounds yummy!
I Love your new header!!!!:o)

Flassie's Fil'a said...

I love Rosemary! The Dinner Looks Yummy! I wish I could smell it! Plus taste it!

I have a some links up at the top of my blog of tutorials. One takes you to a game to make and the other takes you to a blog that lists links to tutorials.

GOD Bless You and Yours!!!

Vickie LeBlanc said...

Like Lib, I love your new header.

Yum, that meal sounds delicious.

Moon Ⅱ said...

Hi Joyceann,

your roasted chicken looks great. Since I am new to this course (foreigner speaking). Please share the recipe in your future blog if you like.