Saturday, September 27, 2008

~~ Pine Oil / Red Oil ~~

I posted about the natural pine oil I made awhile back here My Mom went to move a fan week before last and the blade hit her finger , gave it a good slice. She was talking about how everyone used red oil in the days , and its healing properties. Red oil has become a thing of the past , you can't find it at the stores anymore. I told her I had made some pine oil and we should try it on the cut , I read that pine has antiseptic qualities .

I applied some and put the bandage back on it. She called the next morning and was singing praises about the oil , she said it took the soreness out of her finger. She kept applying it and it healed wonderfully.

I love the thought of being able to clean/ dust and use it medicinally too. I don't have to worry about the grands , accidentally spraying it in their eyes ( using a squirt bottle ) or ingesting it because it's just olive oil with oils absorbed from pine needles. I made pine needle tea last year when I had a cold that wouldn't go away , it worked great too. I plan to do more study on the healing properties of pine , will let you know what I find.

~ Green Blessings ~


Lib said...

Hi Joyceann,
Loved this post. I too like to go natural. I don't take any meds. I know people who are my age 56 that takes 20 or more pills per day and has no clue side effects etc. just takes them because the Dr. wanted to put them on each one. I want to know what I'm putting in my body!
Have a great Sun.!

Robbyn said...

Joyceann, this is wonderful!! I had no idea about pine oil. It's so interesting what can come from just one tree. We found mention recently that we can drink pine needle tea and that the inner bark of pine trees can be made into a tea, or eaten, for cancer prevention.

Isn't pine where turpentine originates? I found some anecdotal mention that all farmers way back when kept turpentine around for cuts and burns (I know, sounds weird!) and that they seldom could afford trips in to the doctor and used turpentine for disinfecting serious cuts, etc.

Thanks for the great information...the pine oil seems so easy to make, I'll have to try it!


Gemma said...

This is fantastic! I think you could use other vegetable oils for the pine cleaner too. We don't have pines here but love this idea.

Flassie's Fil'a said...

When I was on my walks and looking for cancer cures. I picked up a certain type of pine that I hadn't seen b/4. So I brought it home and looked it up and it is the one they use for cancer treatment. I am sure though that they add chemicals that are not so good for you.

This is so cool that this worked for your mom!

I've been looking up different weeds that I didn't even know were edible.

God Bless You and Yours!!!

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