Sunday, September 14, 2008

~ Quiet Weekend ~

It's been a very quiet weekend , my youngest daughter and her family have gone to the beach. It was just me and Little Missy yesterday , she's walking now. It's so cute , she just toddles right behind me.
I watched the news coverage on Hurricane Ike yesterday , it's so sad to see so many people suffering. It's hard enough to survive these tough economic times and now they have so much more to deal with. My Prayers and thoughts are with them.

Gas prices around here have gone up and many stations are sold out completely , this is causing more hardships on people in our area too. The small convenience store in our area is selling regular gas for 5.29 a gallon. My oldest daughter and I went grocery shopping today and we found gas for 3.89 a gallon , so she filled up. We saw one store that was sold out and I've heard about 2 more that are sold out.
Have gas prices increased in your area ?
I picked a few peppers and tomatoes from the garden. It's still to wet for DH to plow , don't know when I'll get my plants started.

~ Blessings ~

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Lib said...

Hi Joyceann,
Gas prices has gone up more than a dollar per gallon here.Alot of places out of gas!
My heart goes out to all who suffers due to Ike.I just can't imagine thier pain!
We had our shadow today. Sure brings alot of joy huh?
Hope you have agreat wk!