Monday, September 15, 2008

~ Doing Not Thinking Challenge Update ~

The closet still waits to be decluttered . I had grandbabies everyday last week and didn't get to it. Hope to get it cleaned this week.

I did some cleaning /dusting in the livingroom. Washed all of my " Friends of the Feather " collection and moved them to the mantle and a shelf. I'm getting rid of some other collectibles I had on the mantle , so I did get some decluttering done.

~ Blessings ~



Lib said...

I love your collections!:o)
Maybe soon you can finish up.Mine still waits also.
HAve agreat wk.

Monica said...

Your collectibles are terrific. :) Great job on the decluttering! I cleared out and organized some stuff in my office and managed to vacuum the carpet in there!

Katie said...

Beautiful! Grandkids have to trump any other goals or chores in my opinion ;)