Sunday, September 21, 2008

*~* Path to Freedom Contest , Pears and a Puppy *~*

I spoke about the website Path To Freedom ~ ~ awhile back , they have a contest each month for their Freedom Gardeners. To enter the Tally ' Hoe ' Contest , you must sign -up at Freedom Gardens ~ ~ and guess how many pounds of food they will harvest for the month. I joined the Freedom Gardens site last week and made my guess of 907 lbs. I 'm the 1st place winner for guessing the closest lbs for their Aug. harvest. I won a 25.00 gift certificate ( YIPEEEE ) for their online store , they sell homesteading and green goods.

I made pear preserves this week and a couple of qts of canned pears. The grapes have been juiced , so I will make grape jelly this weekend.

Someone abandoned this sweet little puppy at my Sister's driveway last week. I saw him and fell in love , so meet ~ Shadow ~ the newest member of our homestead. I'm hoping he'll be a good dog for the grandchildren and a guard dog for the chickens when we get them.
I can't believe people still dump dogs and puppies beside the road. There are many programs out there to help find homes them , if they would take the time to do it.
I wasn't looking for another dog , but I guess the Universe had a different plan for me. We have a German Shepherd , she's 10 years old and will probably be very jealous of the newest edition. She doesn't get along well with other animals , she hates the cats and would kill them if she got a chance , we keep her in a dog lot and only allow her out on leash. I hate keeping her in a pen , but she's so aggressive. She has attacked the neighbors dog and almost killed it. She also attacked my cat ~ Buddy ~ , he fared pretty well considering , just a nasty bite. She doesn't seem aggressive against people , but I wouldn't trust her around the Grandkids. I hope ~ Shadow ~ is different , he seems calm maybe he'll remain that way.

~ Blessings ~


Lib said...

Hi Joyceann,
Congrats on your gift card:o)
You pears are pretty. Mine is slow at getting ripe this yr. and the tree is hanging full!:o)
I love your little Shadow:o)
I have a little Shadow but she is a human shadow.:o) We use to have a cat named Shadow. We get stray cats often,why&how someone can do this is beyond me!
I am clutter free :o) If you haven't finished decluttering hope you reach your goal soon! I love the freedom that goes with it:o)
Happy Autumn Friend!

Flassie's Fil'a said...

Congrats Joyce Ann!

The pears look so yummy!

Do you know of a good spagetti
sauce recipe? We've been given
a bunch of tomatoes. I do think
about making salsa. I love fresh salsa. I've added garbonzo beans and pumkins seeds to my fresh salsa b/4 and I love it that way. I know it probably sounds weird. But I end up making weird stuff.

Do you go to Creative Everyday and add your updates in the section every week?

Waiting for the info on Blackberry Tea leaves. Or what was it that you were going to post about in the fall that had to do with Blackberries?

GOD Bless and Grace and Peace Be Multiplied to You and Yours!!!

Flassie's Fil'a said...

I forgot to say cute puppy!

No one wanted to claim it?

Sometimes animals get lost
on family trips from other

Cats sometimes just wonder off.
When I was taking care of a kitten
and I'd come to the home and call it. It would be up at a neighbors home.

We use to have a Tom cat when I was a kid that would wonder off for months and come back a few months later. It would do this all the time. I think it must of found another home.

JoyceAnn said...

Flassie , My sister lives in a very rural area , her closest neighbors are family , and the puppy didn't belong to them. It was very flea and tick infested , another sign that it hadn't been cared for.
Yesterday morning I went outside to check on the puppy and had a kitten crying on the back porch.
DH saw a car stop out on the road in front of our house the night before , so we think it was dropped out too. I think it is probably a sign of the times , with the economy being so tough.

I will be posting about the blackberry roots ,it's to early to dig them right now. I'll let you know when I post about them.

I have posted some updates on the Creative Everyday Blog. Most of the updates are food related lately , haven't had much time for drawing or painting. Hope to have some art to post soon.

Do you want a spaghetti sauce recipe to can ?

~ Blessings ~