Tuesday, September 02, 2008

~ Creating a Soul Collage ~

I took a little break from everything last night and made a soul collage. I did it a little different , shut my eyes and picked 3 magazines from a stack I keep in my art room for making these collages.

Two of the three were a challenge , an L.L. Bean holiday catalog , mostly clothes and a vacation guide , mostly food ads. The best mag was a National Geographic which I got most of this collage from. I did challenge myself , that I would use at least 1 pic from each magazine.

I ended up with a Fall theme about nature. As I read my soul collage , this is what it said to me. It's amazing what you can see and learn about yourself in these collages.

I am the one who .......... finds water soothing to my soul.

I am the one who ......... needs to connect with nature often.

I am the one who ........ is like a squirrel , harvesting and preparing for a long road called winter.

I am the one who ......... is nourished by nature.

If you would like to learn about soul collage , check-out this website ~ www.kaleidosoul.com/.


earth heart said...

Joycann - This is lovely, both the collage and what you've written. I truly believe that allowing our creativity to flow certainly does teach us much about ourselves.

Vickie LeBlanc said...

Very nice Joyceann. I love what you wrote at the end of the post.

Lib said...

HI JOyceann,
THis is a Beautiful Post.Love it!
Hope you have agreat day!