Monday, September 22, 2008

* Doing Not Thinking Challenge Update *

I started this challenge thinking , I wasn't doing , just thinking about doing. I now realize I'm doing , there's just so much to be done. I still haven't cleaned out the closet. I did manage to clean and declutter this shelf in the living room.

Last week I had pears and grapes to preserve , garlic that needed to be cleaned , house cleaning , meals to cook , washing and grands to take care of. I was going to make my grape jelly yesterday , but didn't get to it either. Wasn't feeling well yesterday morning , felt better after I napped about noon , so thought I would get the jelly fixed in the afternoon but I ended up taking my oldest daughter to the hospital. She was sick and throwing up profusely , since she's pregnant , they wanted her to come in and be checked. They gave her a bag of IV fluids at the hospital and said it was probably a GI bug.

So today I'll be making grape jelly , instead of cleaning the closet. I guess I'll keep doing and thinking I'm not doing enough (LOL).

~ Autumn Blessings ~



Lib said...

Hi Joyceann,
Hope your daughter is feeling better!
You will get to the end soon, canning time is so busy!
I don't know why I let clutter get so out of hand.But now that I am finished I can't stress how much better I feel. I didn't realize just how much it clutter up my life also!
It will wait for you lol you'll get there. :o)
Have a great wk.

Flassie's Fil'a said...

Hope Your Daughter is Feeling Better!!! GOD Bless Her Health!!!

I hadn't found a good spagetti sauce recipe. Yesterday I started cooking the tomatoes I was given and today I have them in the oven with herbs and roasted garlic. Don't know how it's going to turn out. I had to get them cooked or they'd spoil.

We don't grow them they were given to us. Not enough to can though. But would like a good recipe.

I started a sketch blog. It's been pretty fun drawing for it. I drew about 11 sketches last night. But I haven't posted them yet. They are in draft. I do have about 7 up on the blog now. They are not a lot of detail. I am only using what other's have been calling a Maga Doodle for this blog.

I'd better get busy myself.

God Bless You and Yours!!!

Lisa "Oceandreamer" S. said...

Your list of just "thinking" let alone "doing" makes me want a nap too! You do so much that I think you deserve a nap EVERY day!
I truly need to go through this entire house and de-dust and de-cat hair. You'd think it would be easy since it's so small but....what can I say. *blushes*
Carry on....I only wish we had tastablog to try all your wonderful preserves!