Tuesday, March 03, 2009

~~~ Help Me Identify the Chicks ~~~

Black Australorp & Rhode Island Red ?

Buff Orpington ?

Plymouth Barred Rock ?

Rhode Island Red ?

My Dear Hubby picked up my chicks a week ago this past Saturday. I had ordered , 2 Black Australorps , 2 Plymouth Barred Rock and 2 Rhode Island Reds. My Dh didn't know what I ordered , I thought the farm I ordered from would have my chickens ready , but he had no idea what I ordered either , so these are the chicks Hubby brought home.

Thought I would post some pics and see if you can help positively identify them. I believe I have 3 Black Australorps , 1 Plymouth Barred Rock , 1 Rhode Island Red and a Buff Orpington , but not sure. I originally ordered 2 Buff Orpingtons , but he e-mailed me and said he wouldn't have any , they were all sold. He said he had Black Australorps available , so I e-mailed him and told him I would take 2 of those , since he didn't have Buffs available.

I have a cheap camera , these are these best pics I could get. So , what do you think are ? I know a couple of readers have experience with chickens , hope you can help.

~ Be Blessed ~


Patrice Farmer said...

The first one the black one might be a Black Sex Link because of the brown around the neck. Australops don't have that. The other is definately an RIR. The other is definately a Barred Rock and the last is an RIR. Have you ever heard of Backyard Chickens Forum. They have everything on chickens. I ask questions on there all the time.

JoyceAnn said...

Thanks Patrice , I wondered about those black ones , will do more research on those and check-out that forum you spoke about.

~ Blessings ~