Sunday, March 01, 2009

*** Sprouts and Snow ???

All of the seeds I started on Thursday , have began to sprout. I checked on them yesterday and could see the little sprouts pushing through the soil. Today I plan to take the plastic wrap off and place them by a sunny window , but we will not see any sun for the next couple of days , it's suppose to Snow ........ I can't believe we're getting more snow , it's unusual to see snow this late in the season. It has snowed as late as April , but it's been many moons ago. They're calling for a major winter storm , 2 to 6 inches in some areas.

We had rain all day yesterday , the guinea gang decided they wanted to return to the coop , so they're locked in were it's nice and dry. I hope they'll start returning to the coop at night again.

Well , I'm off the computer , need to feed up and head to the grocery store.

~ Winter Blessings ~


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Peggy said...

I have been putting in extra straw for all the animals to have a warm bed. Can't believe its going to snow! We too have had rain all day and night. I am enjoying a nice warm fire and doing inside chores the rest of the day. Have a warm one!