Saturday, March 14, 2009

~ Mishaps ~

Thursday , I smashed my pinky finger with a piece of wood. It was very sore and bruised , so I soaked a piece of gauze in pine oil and wrapped it overnight , most of the soreness was gone yesterday. I'm so pleased with the pine oil I made , it has wonderful healing properties. I use it to polish furniture with , great to have a non-toxic product around with dual purposes.

Another mishap took place on Thursday , Lily Bell the new cat , decided to make a bed on my seedlings. I guess it's warm under the lights , she destroyed the lettuce seedlings. The broccoli , brussel sprouts and cabbage are o.k. , need to find a better place to put them.It's suppose to rain all weekend , so gloomy , but I'm thankful. The garlic has grown alot this week , with the rainfall , it should continue to grow at a good rate.

Curious J will be spending the night , looking forward to spending time with him. I created a new game for us to play , will let you know if he likes it. He loves the " Help Santa find Rudolph " but it's almost time for Easter , time to put Christmas away , he has to play it ever time he comes over (lol). I plan to let him pick one of the hens as his own and name her , it will be his hen at Nana's house.

~ Hope Your weekend is Blessed ~


Lib said...

Hi JOyce Ann,
Sorry to hear of the mishap!
I Love the scent of pineoil!
HAve a great wk.end!

Flassie's Fil'a said...

Sorry about the mishaps!

I am going to have to
find me some White Pine
Needles and make a batch
of Pine Oil.

God Bless You and Yours
and Your Creative Life!!!