Monday, March 09, 2009

~ What a Difference ~

~ Marsh Blue Violet ~
~ Common Elderberry ~

~ Deer Skull ~

~ Cleavers aka Goosegrass ~

Wow ~ What a difference a week makes , last Monday it was cold and snowing. By Friday the temps were in the 70's , signs of plant life beginning to emerge everywhere. Today the high was 84 degrees , almost to warm , but I enjoyed it.

Yesterday , Shadow and I hiked through the woods , he loves exploring as much as I do. I was looking for herbs , he was looking for something to chase (lol). Shadow and I both spotted this little deer skull , he got to it before I did , I thought he was going to take off with it , but he didn't. I plan to hang it up on the outside building.
I spotted many herbs starting to peep through the dead leaves , chickweed , cleavers , elderberry , violets and wild onions. There were also some plants that I couldn't identify. When I take my next hike , I plan to take my herb guides and see if I can i.d. them. This year I plan to make some violet jelly , also want to learn more about cleavers and elderberries.
~ Green Blessings ~


Lib said...

Hi Joyce Ann,
Sounds like a fun hike.I love doing that!:o)
Do you gather wild greens and cook?I do ,My Grandmother taught me .
I enjoy your blog and learn so much thanks for all the time you put into posting:o)
Have a great wk.

Patrice Farmer said...

Nice adventure. Did you keep the skull?

JoyceAnn said...

Lib , I haven't cooked wild greens , hope to cook some soon. I have eat them , but my Mom or late MIL cooked them.

Patrice , I did keep the skull , as I consider it a gift from nature. I'm going to hang it on my outside building.

~ Blessings ~