Saturday, June 07, 2008

~ Blessings ~

We've been blessed , my oldest daughter is having another baby. She had the pregnancy confirmed yesterday , they said she would be due Jan. 6th.

She and her husband have said they want 5 kids , so they are well on their way. Little Missy just turned 6 months and is so independent , I told them awhile back she was moving out the way for another , guess it was true. She'll be walking in the next couple of months , she doesn't even try to crawl , wants to stand up and go .......My oldest daughter was an early walker too , she was making steps at seven months and all over the place at eight months.
It's amazing how time flies , the photo above was taken back in Nov. , Little Missy and Little Bob White were just a few days old , Little Betty (nickname for my niece ) was 4 months old. They've all grown so much and each has developed their own personality , it's a joyful experience to watch them grow.
I was joking with the girls a few years ago and told them I wanted at least 10 grandkids , I'll soon be halfway there.
~ Hope Your Weekend is Blessed ~ JoyceAnn


Peggy said...

congratulations! grandbabies are our rewards for raising our children. I just love to spoil mine!

Lib said...

Hi Joyce Ann,
Congratulations !:o)
Hope you have agreat wk.end!

Flassie's Fil'a said...

Congratulations to the parents and you too!
The Grandbabies are so adorable!

God Bless The Precious Little ones and the Parent's and Grandparent's too!!!