Thursday, June 19, 2008

* Deer Leaf Lettuce *

I pulled up the leaf lettuce bed on Monday. We had 2 weeks of hot weather and it's starting to look bad , so I decided I would pull it up.
I'm going to replant some of the lettuce and put it down in my basement under grow lights and see if continues growing .
I sorted through the lettuce , kept some to replant , and some for the bunny , all the dead leaves and roots will be composted. It's a great feeling to use every last piece and not waste any. I planted some in a plastic storage box , that had seen its better days ~ was cracked and destined to be threw away. I watered and put them under lights in my basement. I hope they will continue producing , it's cool in the basement and has windows , they will receive some sunlight . Will keep you updated on the progress.

This was the first year I have grown lettuce and I was pleased with the results , next year I will start it earlier and try more types of lettuce.

I had another visitor early this morning , a doe was munching on some honeysuckles outside the house. I slipped quietly out to the back porch and captured this photo , my batteries are getting weak , the charge doesn't last very long , time for new batteries. I read a tip somewhere , that said to use the weak batteries for your clock , that they would last a long time. I guess a clock doesn't pull as much energy as the camera. I plan to try that , hope it works.
* Hope your day is Blessed with some of Nature's Beauty *
~ JoyceAnn ~

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Lib said...

Hi Joyce Ann,
Good luck with the lettuce.
I am so Blessed with Nature all around us! We had deer to come in and graze today.
Hope you have aBlessed day!