Sunday, June 22, 2008

* MOO MOO MOO................*

This was my wake up call this morning , the dog was barking and I heard cows mooing outside my bedroom window. I got up and looked out and the front yard was full of cows , I woke hubby and he headed them off in the backyard , before they got to the garden , I thought.

Hubby told me to call the neighbor , I headed back in the house to call , but before I got to the phone , I heard the neighbors truck go out. So I headed for the garden. I could see hoof prints along the way , so I knew they had been to the garden. They didn't do much damage , I don't think all of them made it to the garden. I believe one or two went through the garden , they must have called the family (LOL). There were a couple of pieces of corn broke , most of the plants survived the trampling , I think the sun will draw them back up , they weren't completely broken. There were about 20 or more cows when I saw them in the yard , but I don't think they all went through the garden or they would have totally destroyed it. We were Blessed today for sure. I told DH that we need to fence the garden in , that little buck was out there again Friday evening. He has been nibbling at the okra , I noticed deer tracks down the okra row ~ I moved the scarecrow and did the vitalis treatment again. We had rain Thursday and Saturday , I believe the scent had washed away . Tommorrow I plan to add red pepper pods to the okra and greenbeans.

We were sitting on the back porch after brunch today and I saw something out by the chicken coop. I saw its head pop up , it was looking around , hubby thought it was a bunny. I went and got the binoculars , it turned out to be a groundhog. I've never seen one in this area , although I did see one a few years ago about 10 miles north of here. Do they do much damage to gardens ? Does anyone have any experience with groundhogs ~ how do you keep them out of the garden ? It's a full time job , trying to keep the critters out of the garden (LOL).

I did have some nice blooms waiting on me at the garden this morning. These are from the sunflower seeds I planted last year.
~ Green Blessings ~ JoyceAnn

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Lib said...

HI joyce Ann,
Sorry to hear about all the cows!
Oh my, A groundhog!:o( They will destroy a garden! We had one for yrs. Tried everything to get rid of it and couldn't,it must of died
don't see it anymore.
Have a Great week.