Monday, June 09, 2008

* Garden Harvest *

Back in the fall when I planted my seed garlic , I also planted some garlic cloves that I had bought at the grocery store. I harvested my store bought garlic a few weeks ago , the stems turned completely brown , so I dug them up and let them dry out. I cleaned the garlic up Saturday morning , they're small but they look good. As you can see some have separated cloves , some have tight cloves and some are just 1 big clove.

The seed garlic is ready to dig now , the heatwave we've had has caused the stems to die back sooner than I thought they would . I couldn't resist digging some up , to see how well it did ~ they're big and sooo .. beautiful. I plan to harvest the ~ Garlic ~ tomorrow.

~ 100 Ft Diet Challenge ~

I starting a new blog of my weekly homegrown meals. So , if you're interested in the challenge , check it out.

I guess every garden has it disappointments. My youngest daughter bought the broccoli plants this year , she got an early harvest type and some regular plants. I am disappointed with the early producing type , they didn't head. These are the flowerettes I harvested from about eight plants , altogether it might make 1 nice head. Tonight I will make chicken & broccoli ~ Yum , everything will taste so fresh.
~ Hope You're Blessed with a Bountiful Harvest ~


Lib said...

I Love garlic, its so easy to grow.I think alot od folks are afraid to try new things afraid it will be too hard. Oh yes, Gardening is trial and error ,but so fun:o)

Vickie LeBlanc said...

Hi JoyceAnn - just a quick note to let you know that I read your blog daily and enjoy reading about your day to day activities. From reading your profile - we have a lot in common.