Wednesday, June 11, 2008

~ * ~ Garlic , Garlic , and more Garlic ~ * ~

Are you tired of hearing about ~ * ~ Garlic ~ * ~ yet ? It seems like I've been waiting for this moment forever , so I'm excited about this harvest. I love cooking with garlic , I used my fresh garlic from the first harvest Monday night when I made a chicken & broccoli stir fry. It tasted so fresh and wonderful.

My Hubby , Mom ( pictured above ) and I finished digging it up late yesterday afternoon. My Mom and I tied it into bundles and hung it up in what is , going to be the chicken coop to dry out. It'll take about a month to dry , then we will take it down , cut the stems off , clean it and store it. I plan to save the largest cloves , to plant in the Fall.

The squash are starting to produce , should be eating some this weekend. It's getting dry here again , praying we get rain this week.

It's been to HOT to work on the chicken coop , so it's been a slow project. I may have to wait to next year for chickens unless the weather gets cooler and hubby gets in gear (LOL).

On a serious note , PLEASE PRAY for Judie , , she lost her daughter in an accident last month. You're in my thoughts and prayers each day Judie.

Peggy over at , is also suffering a loss . Please say a Prayer for her., you're in my thoughts and prayers too , Peggy.

~ Blessings and Love to Judie & Peggy ~ JoyceAnn


Lib said...

Hi Joyce Ann,
No I'm not tired of garlic talk. :o) I Love any type gardening talk!:o)
I put a couple zuc. in the freezer today.I grated it and put in bags for making bread.
Isn't Peggy the Best:o) I don't know your other friend but will pray for both.
Happy Garlic harvesting.:o)

Peggy said...

Joyce Ann thank you so much for your prayers and kind words. Its such a blessing to have a blog neighbor and friend in you. Love seeing your garlic hanging. I am just starting to get squash out of the garden.