Tuesday, June 10, 2008

~ Harvesting the Garlic & A Visitor ~

I went to the garden early this morning to harvest the garlic. I was getting ready to take a picture of my spaghetti squash when I heard something coming out the woods , a buck came strolling out and just stood there while I took his pic ( click on pic to enlarge ). He had four points , so I guess that means he's four years old. I wonder if he thought I was a scarecrow , with my gardening hat on , I looked like one I'm sure. He stayed for a few minutes , until I started walking away , he then made a quick dash back the way he came .
We live in a rural area and our garden borders the woods. Last week while I was out weeding one evening , there were 2 wild bunnies grazing in the field , they stayed out there the whole time I was weeding. I looked up once and thought they were hopping away but they were chasing each other in a circle.
Yesterday , while I was gathering some leaf lettuce , I heard some kind of baby wildlife crying out. I'm not sure what it was , last year I saw some baby foxes in the area that the cries were coming from , maybe baby kits or could be bobcats.
Finding a balance with the animals can be challenging , so far they've stayed out of the garden. I enjoy seeing them , but don't want them in the garden. I'm going to make another garden chime to hang were I saw that buck , I hope it'll scare him away. While I was digging the garlic , the other chime started CLANGING , it made me jump (LOL).
I dug up two kinds of garlic this morning , the first kind was a hardneck variety called " Georgia Crystal ". They are kinda small , not sure if they get large. I 'm going to read up about them and find out.
The softneck variety has big bulbs , it's called " Early Italian Red ". I still have one section to dig , they're softnecks too. I hope to get them out this afternoon , it got to hot and I had to get out of the garden. I've still got to bundle them up and hang to dry.
~ Green Blessings ~ JoyceAnn

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Lib said...

Don't you just Love Nature:o)
I don't mind the wild life ,I too just want them to stay out of the garden.
HAve agreat day!