Friday, June 13, 2008

~ Mini Herb Garden ~

I decided to pot up my herbs and put them near my ~ Mini Herb Garden ~. I'm not going to get the larger herb garden made this season , so I needed to get them put in larger pots. Last year I started a mini herb garden near the wellhouse. I planted some echinacea and cilantro there. I didn't think it was a good place for my echinacea , so I moved it last Fall. But it came back again this year in the same place , I guess it reseeded.

Anyway , awhile back I bought some basil , pineapple sage , tri - color sage and thyme. I potted them up and put them near my ~ Mini Herb Garden ~. I planted the tri-color sage with my rosemary I planted awhile back , they're suppose to compliment each other. The basil and thyme are planted together. I put the pineapple sage in a pot of it's own.
I've never grown many cooking herbs , always used store bought. Last year I grew cilantro and fell in LOVE with the fresh flavor. So I'm ready to try them all now. Can't wait to cook some ~ Rosemary & Garlic Potatoes ~ all fresh from my garden.
~ Hope You have a Blessed weekend ~ JoyceAnn

1 comment:

Lib said...

Neat idea! I'm trying some container gardening this yr.also.
I love herbs and cook with them daily! You'll Love the herb pots.
HAve agreat wk.end.