Saturday, June 28, 2008

~ Yesterday ~

~ Yesterday I had a house full of boys , didn't get time to post. I help a friend out with childcare , after school mostly. But he spends a few days a week with me now that school is out. My payment was a local jar of honey , we barter most of the time. She is single Mom trying to make a living in these hard times. I don't charge her , but she likes to give something in return. Sometimes it's money , if she has extra or whatever we can barter.

My oldest daughter hubby's nephew was visiting yesterday , so he came over to go swimming with K Gray. I also had Little Bob White ( my grandson ) yesterday too. They kept me beezzzzzzzy ~~~ watching the older boys out by the pool and chasing Little Bob White , he's crawling and scooting all over the place now. Boys seem to stay hungry or thirsty all the time (LOL).

I did go out early yesterday morning and pick some more blackberries. I picked a quart and 1 pint , they're huge this year and taste delicious. I made my blackberry cobbler the other night , it was delish , the first one of the season always taste best.

I hope to go to a blueberry farm this weekend or next week and pick some blueberries. I'm going to can & freeze alot of fruits and veggies this summer , it really helps on the food bill and you can't beat the flavor.

~ Hope your weekend is Blessed with Fresh Berries , Love , Peace and Much Happiness ~

~ JoyceAnn ~


Flassie's Fil'a said...

Bartering is a Good Thing.
Especailly if it comes in
the form of a Jar of Honey!

Many, Many, Many Moon's ago
they use to use Pepper as a
form of payment. Like money
is used today.

I put you in another blog
entry of mine along with a
link to one you entered on
your blog.

God Bless and Thanks for
stopping by my blog!!!

Lib said...

Hi Joyce Ann,
Barterig is a great thing,I do it often.
I love honey use it daily.
Sounds like you had abusy but fun day:o)
Have agreat wk.