Sunday, June 01, 2008

* 100 Ft Diet Challenge *

06 ~ 01 ~ 08

Sausage ~ Local Homemade

Eggs ~ Store Bought

100 % WholeWheat Toast ~ Store Bought

Strawberry Jam ~ Homemade

Dh has got a start on the chicken coop , fresh eggs will be a blessing.


Lib said...

Good luck with your 100Ft/Diet Challengs.
Fresh eggs,fresh anything is so much better huh?;o)

lila said...

I am impressed! Chickens are delightful and so "giving"! My sister came by with a black "setting hen" in her van a few weeks ago, she stopped and bought some baby chicks for it at a hatchery. They bonded and are living "happily ever after"!
I would like a clothesline....our yard is large enough...